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A firm but creamy white cheese. It melts well and has a unique stretchiness, making it the classic pizza topping cheese.

Cheddar Cheese

A widely used relatively hard, off-white (or orange), sometimes sharp-tasting, often slightly earthy, natural cheese.

Continental Cheese

Enquire about our range of famous and widely used hard and soft cheeses from continental Europe for a variety of uses.

Low Fat Cheese

Low fat varieties of hard and soft cheeses, for consumers that want to cut down on fat and cholesterol but still enjoy cheese.

Regional Cheese

Enquire about our range of consumer favourite British and regional cheeses from the various cheese producing counties.

Functional Cheese Range

Heat Stable Cheese

We produce a range of cheese products that have specific melting and performance characteristics for varying temperatures and applications.

String Cheese & Cheese Ropes

Commonly used for stuffed crust pizzas with a range of flavours and ingredients added.

Fat Filled Range

A range of cheese alternatives that have dairy fat replaced with suitable alternatives.

Mozzarella Improver Range

These products are used in conjunction with mozzarella to give a specific flavour, melt and browning performance across a range of ovens and applications.


Developed exclusively for customers to meet a particular need. We are happy to work with our customers to develop products in an exclusive and confidential manner.

Cheese Formats

Block Cheese

We are happy to supply our full product range in block format.

Cheese Blends

We can mix different types of cheese to the required ratios in any of our formats.

Grated Cheese

Standard Grate 6mm X 40mm & Fine Grate 2mm X 40mm.

Diced Cheese

4mm cubes, 6mm cubes & 8mm cubes.

Shredded Cheese

4mm X 4mm X 25mm & 4mm X 6mm X 25mm.

Shaved Cheese

Irregular rectangular shapes typically 60-80mm X 30-55mm.


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